CRNRSTONE’s ongoing success and reputation for matching the right people with each research project is driven by data quality

Our Panel

We manage our own panel, Soapbox, which holds over 100,000 members – and growing! Our panel is diverse in its offering, with representation of business decision makers, people with disabilities, Indigenious and culturally diverse people, and healthcare professionals. The people on our panel are real people, who are highly engaged and offer a breadth of opinions and insight. Our panel is Australia wide, encompassing metro and regional areas. We target our panel strategically to ensure our clients get the most suitable respondents, and our people enjoy contributing to your research. We can also collaborate with external, trusted panel partners that we have developed key relationships with to facilitate any complex requirements. These specialised panels allow us to fulfil niche criteria in areas of expertise.

Though our office is in Waterloo, our reach is ever-growing. We engage with clients worldwide to achieve their research objectives within the Australian market and can also facilitate work across New Zealand.

One panel – multiple quality solutions

Growing Our Panel

To meet the changing needs of clients we continuously refreshing our panel with new members.

We actively recruit for our panel using social media, advertising, search marketing, incentivised panel referrals, local community groups, telephone and other methods.

However, our most successful method of attracting new members is through our current panel membership. We actively reward members for introducing new people and manage a dedicated program to this effect. We also incentivise with cash, not just points.

Finding the Right Participants for Your Project

Research Recruitment is not just about picking up the telephone and fishing blind. Some job specifications are so focused that they need extra creativity to find the right participants.

Our team is trained to think outside our existing database. We proactively contact community or special interest groups, work with local organisations and use social media when targeting a very specific research profile.

CRNRSTONE has a National Panel developed over the last 20 years and now boasts over 110,000 engaged individuals.


Key Features of the CRNRSTONE Panel

  • Responsive Panel Members who have been recruited specifically for Face-to-Face Research.
  • 80,000 of our panel members have answered surveys in the last 12 months.
  • Panel Members are validated by phone with at least 15,000 members spoken to each month.
  • Panel Members are experienced in a variety of projects from interviews to groups, blogs to surveys and product testing. They understand homework, pre-tasks and the importance of being on time.

Panel Members have the opportunity to participate in both qualitative research, online surveys and interviews, plus the more interesting immersive studies of IHUT, CLT, retail audits, mystery shopping, intercept interviews and more!