FAQs about Participating in Our Market Research Projects

Privacy and Security 

What email address will Soapbox use when sending me notifications on surveys?

We will send you notifications from the email address Please add this to your safe sender list to ensure they don’t go into your junk mail.

How do I know you won’t try to sell me anything?

It is illegal to pretend to be doing market research if the real purpose of the contact is marketing. Anyone caught doing this can be penalised under the Trade Practices Act.

How secure is the information that I give to Soapbox?

Completely confidential!  Market and Social Research companies are bound by the Privacy Act, and there are severe penalties for breaching your privacy.  Although surveys are likely to ask personal questions such as your age category or your income, research companies are only allowed to keep and use this data as overall statistics, and once their quality control checks are complete they delete the information that associates the statistics with individual respondents. For more information click on our Privacy Policy.

Will I get lots of pesky marketing emails or things in the mail if I answer surveys?

Market and Social Research companies are not permitted to sell anything or pass your information on to their clients or other organisations – in fact they are not even permitted to tell their clients whether or not they interviewed you – unless you are already listed with their client for some other reason.

What happens with my answers to questions when I am not booked in to face-to-face research?

The answers that you provide during the questionnaires are only used to gauge your suitability for the specific project and not used in any way for the research. Your answers are not passed on to the client without your permission, and this is only requested if you have been booked into a project and we will ask you if you agree to us sending your answers to our client.

I answer lots of questionnaires and kept being told I have “failed”

This can be frustrating. Our clients are after very specific criteria for the projects they run, which covers many aspects of possibilities. The questionnaires are designed to minimise time you need to spend on completion. We suggest that you ensure your profile is fully completed (gives you a greater chance to be selected for the questionnaires) and complete the questionnaires as early as possible. It also allows us to better target you for the questionnaires you might qualify for, and try to not send you the ones you might not qualify for.

Can I check Soapbox credentials?

Yes. You can call the Market and Social Research Survey line and speak with a customer support person on 1300 364 830.

Can I cancel my Soapbox account?

Yes, at any time you feel you wish to leave Soapbox simply “Unsubscribe” from the “Settings” menu in your personal account area.

Participating in market research surveys

Do I have to participate in all the surveys I am invited to?

Participation is completely voluntary, but most surveys are short, interesting, and for the benefit of consumers generally, so you are strongly encouraged to participate.

Why should I participate in a survey?

Participating in surveys:

  • Is fun – you often are asked to give opinions about things that you otherwise don’t get a chance to;
  • Is interesting, it gets you thinking about things that you might not otherwise think about;
  • Helps companies improve products and services for you as their customer;

Helps formulate public policy so that better services can be provided for you.

Can I Opt in and Out of Receiving Survey and Questionnaire invites?

Yes, you can choose to just receive invitations for online surveys and/or discussion groups/interviews in your Settings Menu in your personal account area. Should you Opt Out of both, then your account will become inactive until you choose to opt back in.

How often will I receive a survey?

Typically you can expect a few surveys a month, however in order to comply with Industry Standards there maybe a maximum you may receive within a 12 month period. It also depends on how much of your profile is complete and how up to date it is. The more information in your profile, the better chance you have of being sent surveys that are more applicable to you.

How will you contact me?

For Online surveys we will only contact you using your email address you supplied.

For Discussion invites we will usually contact you initially via your email address you supplied. This will be followed up by a phone call to the number(s) you have provided if it looks like the discussion or interview is relevant to you. We may also contact you by sms to advise you of a questionnaire or ask you to call in if you think you might qualify for a discussion group.

At any time you can Opt out of being contacted by Email/Phone/SMS. However if you opt out of receiving Emails, this will mean your account will become inactive until you Opt back in as the Email is the primary point of contact for both Online and Discussion Groups/Interviews.

How do I get rewarded?

As a member of the CRNRSTONE panel you can earn rewards in a variety of ways. All Soapbox points are currently redeemable via eGift Card. For more information look at our rewards page. –If you have any queries regarding your Soapbox points please email us at

What is cookie technology and does Soapbox use it?

Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to your computer’s hard disk for record keeping purposes. Generally Soapbox does not use cookie technology. However from time to time it may be necessary to do so to enhance your experience of using the panel. If Soapbox would want to use cookie technology we will let you know and provide you the option to refuse it.

Your question isn’t answered here?

Simply send us your question to We encourage you to email us of any problems or questions you may have, because without your feedback we are not able to make Soapbox better for you.