Need to engage with people BEFORE your focus group or interview? Would you like them to:
  • Complete a task
  • Upload a video or photos
  • Add comments or opinions

It’s a great way to get participants thinking about the topic, collect information to share, and get the juices flowing before the discussion or interview, so they come prepared to maximise their contribution from the get-go. Our research has shown that 60% of respondents felt that it helped with discussions during the research.

Soapbox Fusion covers all your requirements, from recruitment to reporting. Fusion saves you time and energy. It allows you to link and present professional information with EASE. It’s straightforward:

We organise all the logistics:

  • Recruitment of people
  • Screening, uploading and tagging
  • Loading of topics
  • Reminders
  • Incentive payments

You can observe what participants are doing during the process. Then we tailor the data via:

  • Tagging
  • Word clouds
  • Filtering

Final exported report either:

  • Excel or Word
  • High quality images or videos
  • By participant or by task

An online pre-task before a group or interview allows you to have the best of both worlds. The ease of technology together with the deeper insights from real life interactions. Saves you time and delivers expert, tailored reports.