An integrated research community and dynamic digital platform.
We give you the Complete Solution.

Leaving you to engage, moderate, analyse and enjoy.

We provide:

  • Participants | screened, tagged and uploaded
  • Upload discussion guide complete with topics, timeline and images
  • Assistance for participants and moderators
  • Moderation as required
  • Incentive payments on completion
  • Everything and anything in-between


Soapbox Community – a responsive 110,000 strong nationwide panel

Soapbox Access – encourages the qualified community to engage and speak freely

  • Easy and familiar, just like engaging with popular social media platforms
  • People can like, dislike or comment
  • Live and immediate so people feel connected
  • Works on any device, or any orientation
  • Trouble free image, video and phone recording uploads
  • Links to webcams
  • Notifications – clear and simple via email or SMS


Dynamic, agile and flexible with multiple options

Choose how you moderate, engage and interact

  • Choose your activity- discussion boards, homework tasks, diaries or surveys
  • Select activity length from 1 day through to long term communities
  • No data restrictions or limits on the number of interactions by respondents
  • Freedom to:
    • Choose activities in advance and who sees them (either in order, tasks or timeline)
    • Select what the community participants can upload
    • Choose when, how, and who can see others’ comments
    • Send notifications via email or SMS adjusted by time zones
    • Select when to tag community members


Insights and analysis via a range of data and reporting options

Timeline shows all project information and participant activity.

  • Information displayed in chronological format- showing emails, comments and pictures
  • Participants can be tagged according to demographics, location and more
  • Add tags during your discussion
  • View by topic and monitor the activity
  • Export participants, transcripts, highlights, word clouds, tags or pictures in Word or Excel.

Platform Screenshots