Earn Rewards for Online Surveys and Discussions

Have fun and take as many online surveys as you’d like and earn rewards. The Soapbox rewards for online surveys are paid by earning points and redeemed via a wide range of e-cards called eGift.

Rewards for Paid Discussion

The value of the reward depends upon the complexity of the group or interview and the length of time needed etc. Rewards can be paid in a number of ways. For instance, by the researcher after the discussion, or via eGift or Eftpos. You will be told in your invitation how you will be paid. Follow instructions below.

Rewards for Online Surveys

If you participate in the online surveys you will earn points which are credited to your account immediately when you return to our site after completing a survey. The amount of Soapbox points will differ from job to job as it is dependent on the time to complete as well as the depth of knowledge required. Before you choose to participate in a survey you will be made aware of the Soapbox points you will receive.

100 points is equivalent to $1.

Each survey invites tells you how many points you will earn. For online surveys you will be paid as points which you can redeem with eGift.

Your points are accumulated against your profile in the database and you can redeem them at any time. The minimum accumulation for redemption is $10.00.

Points are valid as long as you are active. If you have not answered for over 12 months points will be made inactive.

Rewards for Communities

Communities vary in both their expectations and their rewards. Some communities offer prizes and draws for participants. Other communities reward you per task. You will be told about rewards in your invitation.