Working with your Customer Lists

CRNRSTNE has worked with many customer lists and are confident with our ability to communicate with your lists to generate targeted insights securely. Once we have received the list, our team will give you:

  • Daily updates on strike rate and recruitment
  • Feedback on viability and best approach for recruitment

At the completion of the project we can return any comments made to us by participants for continuous improvement.

CRNRSTONE is accredited by major banks to handle their data with involves a multi-layered audit process.

  • We abide by the Australian Privacy Principles and are members of ADIA.
  • All lists can be received via Symantec PGP encryption or password protected.
  • Our research platform keeps your Customer lists quarantined throughout the recruitment process.
  • We only upload information required for the project.
  • All Data is destroyed once a project is complete.