Let us be the CRNRSTONE of your research

CRNRSTONE has over 20 years’ experience in recruiting and managing client research projects across a variety of research methodologies.

Our Soapbox panel members remain loyal to CRNRSTONE and our clients due to the large and varied offering of interesting and immersive research projects we invite them to participate in.

Our Approach

For every research methodology you use to uncover the most credible insights, CRNRSTONE can support you in all of your research needs:

  • Recruitment of the right people
  • Management of venues
  • Moderators and Researchers
  • Scheduling
  • Software platforms
  • Delivery of product
  • Project management

We know all the questions to ask PRIOR to sending people to your session, so you have maximum results in minimal time. We can schedule and confirm your appointments, so you can focus on the results

We can also easily manage your project across multiple cities and time zones and can match multiple researchers to different segments. Our interactive schedules help every researcher plan their time and ensure interviews happen with the right person at the right time. Our system allows us to book across multiple researchers and multiple cities, with instant communication and immediate updating of every booking.

Our capabilities include automotive, finance, health-care, tobacco, retail, utilities and all FMCG. We also have extensive experience targeting children’s groups, mums and babies, CALD and all government requirements. At CRNRSTONE, we have the reputation as the ‘go-to’ business for those challenging projects!

Matching Your Requirements / Managing Your Project

Effective recruitment starts by matching your requirements. This is carried out by a dedicated team. Our locally based Client Manager and Team Leader is assigned to manage your project from beginning to end.

We discuss your requirements and use our Briefing Checklist to ensure that all elements have been covered. In addition, we will suggest solutions to address any identified gaps.

Finding the Right Participants for Your Project

Some job specifications are so focused that they need extra creativity to find the right participants. Our team is trained to think outside our existing panel. We proactively contact community or special interest groups, work with local organisations and use social media to find the right research participants.

Finding People in Specialty Niches

Our panel has evolved over the past 20 years in-line with the changing needs of our clients. The comprehensive attributes of panel members, plus the expertise we have developed in-house, give us a clear edge over other providers.

We are the recruiters that clients come to for those challenging briefs and those targeted and complex screeners.

Faster Results on Spec

Our Forsta Platform is set up so that your specifications are matched to our database attributes. This then produces a ‘targeted list’ of possible participants. We then contact participants and screen them based on your requirements.

This means we can target participants specifically, and in turn you receive:

  • Faster response times
  • Participants that are ‘on spec’
  • Multiple quotas management

Reporting – Project Reporting in Real Time

We believe good service is all about communication, so we regularly provide:

  • Daily Job Reports
  • Questions & Answers by Respondents
  • Validation Reports
  • Live Schedules

In addition, to ensure that we deliver the best service, we provide after-hours service for participants and clients to follow up on any issues.