Commitment to Quality

CRNRSTONE has built a strong reputation for our professional approach to our panel members and business partners.

ISO Certification

Stable Research has always been a certified business and as CRNRSTONE, we will continue to uphold our ISO certification standards. As the industry certifications have evolved and changed, so have our own processes and systems. Every step in our business has guidelines, checklists and performance measures. We are currently certified to ISO 20252:2019 for Market and Social Research.

Our Quality Panel

Active and Validated

  • 100% owned by CRNRSTONE
  • Growth via referral from members
  • All capital cities and regional
  • 110,000+ strong
  • 80% have answered surveys in last 12 months
  • Hundreds of profile dimensions updated continuously
  • High participation rates
  • Hard to reach audiences

Management of your project

Your project flows through the business in an orderly and functional manner. We have key tools for resource planning to ensure that the pipeline functions effectively.

We manage around 100 projects every month, involving up to 2,000 – 5,000 participants.

This is what we do:

It is all about YOUR project.