Whether you’re entering a new market or need to know what the current state of play is, we have a solution for you.

Market Specific Snapshots

We will quickly and economically give you a market snapshot so you know at a high level how your brand, product or services are perceived.

Our market specific omnibus survey is a multi-client, shared cost study where clients pay a fee per question. We only need a few clients with a common goal to deliver you expert insights and data.

You provide a minimum of 3 questions that dive into a specific market or category. We provide access to Soapbox panel and in house experienced researchers to assist in questionnaire design, interpretation of the results.

Each Soapbox member will answer a variety of questions from different clients but the cost of recruiting them and collecting their demographics is shared across all clients making it cheaper. Your questions and results are confidential to you.

Market Size

N = 1,000 Nationwide consumer
N = 250+ Business


Age, within sex, within location, in line with market data.


  • Standard tables in Excel. SPSS and other options can also be available.
  • Verbatim responses to open-ended questions can be provided in Excel format
  • In depth reports and analysis can be quoted and supplied by client.


$950 per question, with a minimum of 3 questions

Markets or Categories

  • Mums & Babies
  • Teens
  • First Home Buyers
  • Back to School
  • Parents
  • Couples
  • Business
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Automotive
  • Retail / FMCG

Market Snapshot Solutions

You’ve spent so much time and effort on your brand;
doing everything to make sure it is perceived the right way.

But as we all know – things change.

New products are launched, marketing managers might change, agencies change, communication channels spring up and consumer tastes can change.

Now there’s an inexpensive and fuss-free way to find out how your brand, products and services are actually perceived – and importantly – expert advice on what to do about it.

A Snapshot into the Market

We will quickly and economically give you a market snapshot so you know at a high level how your brand, product or services are perceived. The information you’ll receive is high level – so you’ll know quickly and economically how you’re brand, product or service is perceived.

What you’ll get

A document that gives you two key insights per question from 5 questions about one brand, product or service.

What we’ll do

  • Design your questions
  • Run the survey
  • Give you two high level insights per question

Sample Size

1,000 people targeted to specific market.

Customer Viewpoint Snapshot

Does your marketing and sales team know what customers really think of your brand? In this phase we look at:

Ten main customer touchpoints (such as webpages, call centre, collateral) and assess them against your brand values guidelines and key messages.

We then contact a viable sample size of your customers. We ask them five questions to ascertain what they think and feel about your brand or product. For example, the questions could be:

  • Is XX brand trustworthy?
  • Is XX brand one you’d recommend to friends?
  • Does XX brand offer products or services that makes a difference to your life
  • Is XX brand a supporter of environmental sustainability?
  • Is XX brand a good Australian company?

Finally we contact potential customers – those who don’t use your products or services but are inside your target audience. We ask them the same 5 questions and compare the results.

What you’ll get

A document that tells you:

  • A “traffic light” report that shows you how aligned each touchpoint is with brand guidelines, values and key messages
  • How your brand is perceived by customers
  • How that may differ from your intended brand values
  • How intended customers view your brand
  • Ten major actionable insights from this data

Sample Size

300 targeted in line with your market demographics