How We Make Our Panel Work for Your Project

CRNRSTONE’s ongoing success and reputation for matching the right people with each research project is driven by data quality.

Our panel consists of over 110,000 individuals ready to engage with your project.

Our Research Platform helps qualify those individuals and develop a panel segment with the ideal attributes you require to get quality insights for your project.

We use our Panel Attributes to ensure targeted screening and only send out invitations to panel members with the right postcodes and relevant demographics.

We can segment our panel in many ways.

  • Across predefined attributes that quickly allow us to group the panel into clear segments
  • Customer defined attributes – customised to client requirements using demographics and psychographics to deliver a more targeted group
  • We can exclude members that have previously engaged in your category or topics. We can direct them to an external link or follow-up with them before or after your project.

Profiling Our Panel – Key Attributes

The CRNRSTONE Panel is extensively profiled against a wide range of criteria. This helps us reach your specified sample group quickly and cost effectively.

Attributes and data capture allow targeted selection of panel members determined by subject matter of research.

Some attributes of our panel include:

  • Demographic Data
  • Family – children and marital status
  • Cultural- place of birth and ancestry
  • Work – where they work , what they do and how much they earn
  • Financial – which bank, which credit cards, superannuation
  • Health – conditions, smoking, glasses
  • Technology – mobiles, TV, computers
  • Automotive – Car make, model and year
  • Travel – Frequent Flyer- Domestic and International
  • Business sizes and company information
  • Media Habits – what TV channels
  • Shopping Habits – main supermarkets
  • Interests and Sports
  • …and more

Keeping Your Projects Efficient & Effective

By keeping close track of our participant engagement and managing their behaviour, we ensure projects are run efficiently.

Some of the ways we keep our participants motivated include:

  • actively rewarding members for introducing new people
  • a dedicated program, incentivising with cash, not just points

Projects are managed effectively by:

  • Surveys that can be completed online and via all types of smart phones and tablets
  • Great attendance through prior attendance confirmation
  • Fast automated acknowledgement and thank you with rewards for every survey response