CRNRSTONE supports clients across every possible research methodology

For over 20 years, as the market research industry has evolved, so has CRNRSTONE. From Focus Groups held face to face, to online immersive videographies employing the latest technology, CRNRSTONE has the passion and experience to ensure you and your client are talking to the right audience.

Focus Groups

We deliver thousands of groups every year across a broad range of industries and topics. CRNRSTONE has an intimate understanding of a vast variety of projects across every industry and with every tool. We have experience with:

  • multiple quotas
  • segmentation tools
  • geo-specific targeting
  • niche participants

In-Depth Interviews

We are experts in finding the quality people you need for one-on-one interviews. Our skilled recruitment team ensure participants are articulate and chosen to be well informed on your research topic. No shortcuts are taken. We individually interview them to ensure they match your requirements. We can target our Panel according to your project needs including location, demographic and segment. We know how to effectively explain and manage pre-task requirements including everything from diaries to videos and blogs!

Customer Experience Testing (CX)

Today customers have multiple touch points across various channels like store, web, online shop, and social media before they actually buy a product. Each of these touch points needs to provide a truly great experience in order to convince your customer to make that final commitment and buy. You need to ensure your customers are engaged and excited at each and every stage of their journey.

In order to complete a true Customer Journey Map and you need to research each step of the journey with real customers and understand what they do and why they are doing it. Soapbox with over 110,000 consumers, ensures you have a rich, engaged experience via connecting multiple touch points and channels.

Usability Testing (UX)

With the soaring growth of online retail, 23% in February 2022 v February 2021 according to the ABS it’s only those online retail marketplaces with superior design and performance that will make it in this competitive and crowded marketplace.

We supply people for digital testing every day, everywhere. We have co-ordinated people for 500 usability projects and last year alone we organised and booked 2,500 people for tests on apps and website and software. With the shift in preferred shopping methods from in person to online due primarily to COVID-19 in recent years, the seamless purchasing and shopping experience for your target customer is essential.


This is a key method used to construct a complete picture of what your customers see. We can organise the people you need to ensure that you optimise the impact of your consumer marketing campaigns or product packs prior to launch.


Clinics use a mixed methodology approach. They combined quant and qual in an interactive situation. We can survey people pre or post clinics, or reach out with one of our new tools. It’s really up to you, and how you want to mix things up.

Our speciality is Automotive- where we have worked with all major brands over the years. Our panel is profiled by car type, make and model as well as year.
We also have experience with whitegoods and other household appliances.


We have in house CATI capability and can target specific demographics, regions or professions.

We can link with our Online Surveys, so you can have part of your sample collected over the phone and part Online. We can mix and match to meet your needs and your budget- any size or sample requirements.

Central Location Testing (CLT) & In Home Usage Tests (IHUT)

CRNRSTONE capabilities include recruitment and booking for both Central Location testing and In-Home Usage Tests.

Our panel loves trying new things and our sophisticated Forsta Research Platform allows us to organise both pre tasks/post tasks and surveys as part of the process.

Our in-house Call Centre allows us to follow up participants by phone, ensuring they receive the product, are on track with the task and understand what is required.

We have delivered thousands of people for CLT taste testing – from soft drinks to fast food, personal care products, healthcare products and magazines!