Get Involved in some Great Research Projects

With over 105,000 valued panel members, we know the quality of our research is supported by our community.

We appreciate our panel members and to celebrate, we’ve set up Soapbox – a central, easy to navigate online space. Here you’ll find all sorts of valuable tips, new opportunities and promotions as well as more rewards and prizes for your involvement.


Types of Research Projects We Run

We provide people and data for Market Research.  There are different types of Research Projects.

Paid Discussions

This type of market research is usually held in the form of small focus group discussions or one to one interviews. These projects can be a fun and exciting experience, often with the chance to see, touch and experience new products before they appear on TV or hit the shelf or showroom.

Typical projects you might be involved in:

  • Taste Tests – Where you are invited to try a new product before it is available!
  • App and Web Site testing – your experience will deliver real change in apps and websites that you actually use!
  • Car Clinics – See Car Prototypes and Designs LIVE
  • New Packaging – Voice your opinion on packaging you prefer- influence the final design
  • Ads – See a range of ad concepts and tell the client what you like (and don’t like!)
  • Blogs – Be part of a select group invited to give your comments!

Before attending a focus group discussion or an interview you may be asked a series of qualifying questions to determine whether you meet the profile or requirements of the research project via survey screener.

Cash & Rewards

Payments or rewards vary according to subject matter, length of time of your contribution or other factors. Details of any rewards will be discussed at the time we confirm your participation in any project.

More Information on Rewards

Online Surveys

Online Research is done via surveys, user testing etc. Once you register on our site and tell us a little bit about yourself, your preferences can then be matched to survey opportunities as they arise. If you match the profile you will receive an email invitation to participate in the survey.

Our online surveys can range from a few questions right through to a rich multi media experience including video, text, audio and graphics.  Online surveys can be completed on your desktop, laptop, tablet or a Smartphone…  from anywhere or at anytime.  So it can fit in with your lifestyle and commitments.

More Information on Rewards

Online Communities

Online communities is new way of gathering insights from a select group of people. They can either be a short community over a few days, or a longer community over a number of months. You will be invited to join and then participate in a range of activities: from a quick poll to a shopping excursion, or a diary to video recording or a group forum. Communities are about engaging with you for a richer type of insight for a product or service.

Mobile and Apps

Did you know there are more mobile phones than toothbrushes in the world? With the increasing number of smart phones, researchers are now asking you to provide “in the moment” feedback about products and services. This is normally done via an app, which has the technology necessary to provide data directly to the researcher.

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We value the hard work you put into surveys. Now with Soapbox, the more surveys you complete, the more surveys (and rewards) you’ll get.

Our clients expect the very best research from us and, with your help, we’ve developed a great reputation for doing just that. With Soapbox you’ll be rewarded more for the amount of surveys you complete.

The more valuable your responses, the better your rewards will be. It’s simple – our clients value people like you who take the time to think through their answers.

We encourage you to email us of any problems or questions you may have to us.