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Katie Ferro


At CRNRSTONE (formerly Stable Research), one of the first things we noticed when COVID-19 first took hold was the drop in demand for ‘face-to-face’ research projects including interviews, focus groups and central-location testing.  Whilst this was to be expected given the continuous lockdowns and travel uncertainties, we suspected, based on feedback from our customers, that once we emerged out of lockdowns these techniques would bounce back.  Afterall, although online methodologies were available there is nothing quite like human interactions together.

This is certainly how it has played out!  We’ve experienced an instant pickup in the demand for face-to-face methods particularly for Central Location Testing.

In this article I thought I would share a few pointers about how to ensure your Central Location Tests are completed properly each and every time.

It all starts with a clear project brief

Whilst this might appear obvious, it is the most common point of failure for any project.  When we are provided with a project brief to quote on, often the specific nature of the project isn’t properly formulated.  Then when the project is eventually given the green light, the details can be accidentally overlooked.

What serves us best is to take the time to go back over the project and make sure nothing has changed, to ensure the specifications are clear and understood.

Once this happens, we find that things generally go well.

Regular check-ins

Our motto at CRNRSTONE is ‘get it right the first time’, however invariably things can happen that are unexpected and this is where working closely with your fieldwork partner can save a lot of time.  By having a regular check-in process and keeping the communication going even when things are running smoothly, we have found that problems can be identified quickly and projects can be brought back on track swiftly.  We have found that there is almost no problem that cannot be resolved through clear communication.

Download our 10 Point Checklist For Better Central Location Testing. 

Our CRNRSTONE Soapbox nationwide panel of 105,000+ members is diverse, engaged and ready to share their opinions.

We are actively engaging our panellists and they have been extremely responsive to the many research methodologies employed by our clients; engaging in Central Location Testing, Remote Focus Groups, Online Interviews, Virtual UX testing, Community Platforms, Face to Face Focus Groups and Interviews, Collaborative Creatives, Brand Awareness, Ad Testing, PR and Comms testing and more!

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