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Katie Ferro


It is with great joy and pride that I make the following announcement.

Stable Research has changed its name to CRNRSTONE

For over 20 years, Stable Research has been synonymous in market research with finding those hard to reach, high-quality people for adhoc and continuous qualitative projects. In recent years, we have branched out to include quantitative work, CLT, IHUT, full-service research services and other stimulating and immersive research methods that our panel have responded to with enthusiasm.

We have embraced experience enhancing technology to further motivate and inspire our participants and our clients, and to support an environment to gather real and credible insights.

Our goal is to deliver real people and credible insights for our clients to make confident decisions.

As such, we are excited to launch our new name, which reflects our position as the foundation of your high-quality research project – CRNRSTONE.

CRNRSTONE is the foundation of your research, delivering real people and credible insights, quickly. With us, you will be able to accelerate the way you work with insights, and you will be able to make decisions for your business and your clients with confidence. Together we will serve the industry’s demand for high quality, real people and credible insights.

Our team is excited to talk to you about the opportunities for research you have.

Contact us on to find out more.

We look forward to working with you under our new banner.