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Katie Ferro


Over the course of this year as the research market continued to bounce back, I have noticed a trend that I thought I might share in case it helps you when making research budget decisions.
The Qual-Quant combination is becoming even more popular over time.
Although we have continued to be busy in our traditional area of qualitative recruitment, we have noticed an increasing number of our customers adding further quantitative samples to their qualitative briefs. On reflection, this makes sense research decision-makers are looking for ways to maximise the results from their research budgets and ensure they get the full story with the resources they have.

It’s been extremely refreshing to see, and confirms to us that regardless of how many low-cost high-tech options filter into the market, there is always going to be room for solutions that are focused on delivering the best possible insights, and the qual-quant combination option is a great example of that.

The other trend we have noticed is the use of our B2B sample and Healthcare sample.
With the expectation that Australia is opening back up and (hopefully) the business owners and decision makers that have been impacted can see the light at the end of the tunnel. One of our clients mentioned to us after using us for a B2B study that this aspect of our business is probably Australia’s best kept research secret, and so apologies for the not-so-subtle plug. One lesson we have certainly learned is that we should be a little better with our own marketing!

If you are looking for more information to convince your clients or business budget holders about how you are going to generate better results with your research budget, get in touch and I can share more information about how a qual-quant combination can also get the most out of your current budget.

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