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Katie Ferro


Growth and opportunities in the Ageing Population and Health sector have never been greater. It is projected that by 2050 one quarter of the Australian population will be 65 and older, positioning ‘Aged’ Care as the central issue for our society and the economy.

For Ageing Population and Health providers and associated agencies, the impact of the new demographic shift cannot be underestimated with studies suggesting that while health expenditure for elderly people in Australia will increase from $166 billion to $320 billion by 2035, it will be dwarfed by other demand and supply factors.

Planning for massive growth and change is essential, however, many organisations are not basing their targets and strategies on the right information ­­– the data and the people involved. Greater understanding of the key players is crucial, and Stable Research has a soundtrack record of providing solutions-focused research about the health and wellbeing of this burgeoning sector.

Strategies to understand the customer experience in the Ageing population and healthcare sector should involve the following:

  1. Know your customers: the aged, their families and their caregivers
  2. Understand their expectations and health conditions
  3. Map out a future.

At Stable Research our research services range from surveys to focus groups to Customer Experience (CX) testing, and we organise all the data and the personnel required. Our dedicated Healthcare Research Community panel has been developed especially with Ageing Population and Health needs in mind.

The panel allows researchers’ access to healthcare workers and their clients, and the information required to map their journeys in the aged care sector. Our panel provides expertise to market researchers through:

  • profiling both individuals and families, covering more than 70 health conditions
  • working with healthcare workers, covering more than 35 related healthcare professions

At CRNRSTONE we have built up a reputation for trustworthy and accurate results, based on engagement with the target market. We employ multiple touch points, including face to face, online, via social media, phone and more to help our clients test ideas and theories before they are put into place.

With years of experience in the aged care sector we also thoroughly understand the demography of Aged Care clients and carers, the different segments, their patterns of consumption and the journeys they take.

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