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Katie Ferro


We attended a webinar from AMSRS on Online Qual Research.

The speaker was Jim Bryson, founder and CEO of 20|20 Research, a provider of global online research services and research facilities in Nashville, Charlotte and Miami.

Jim shared his recommendations and reasons for success in Online Qual. These are also reinforced by Katja E. Cahoon in an article: How to Find the Right Online Qual Platform

Best Practice – When choosing a platform provider

  • Use a platform developed for Market Research and ideally hosted by your recruiter
  • Ensure you have Australia-wide Coverage
  • Check the recruiter can on board participants for you
  • Make sure technical support is for EVERYONE- not just the moderator

STABLE RESEARCH – We can do it ALL for you

And why to use a Traditional Recruitment Partner:

  • We screen for technology and aptitude
  • We EXPLAIN what is expected to the participants and get their buy-in
  • We organise the incentive payments
  • We guarantee the right people, to the right specs, at the right time.
  • We offer infield support to remind respondents to participate

You know in advance that your people are screened correctly, are tagged as you want, and enthusiastic.

To quote Jim, “reassurance” vs “Spray and Pray” leads to a much better result!

We deliver quality ENGAGED people in advance, so you can moderate and enjoy.