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Katie Ferro


As COVID-19 has forced changes upon Australians at a rapid rate, CRNRSTONE has been tasked to continually engage its 110,000+ nationwide panel of respondents to measure how attitude, behaviour, and sentiment are adapting over time.

With COVID-19 restrictions having now been in place for over a month, the Australian population represented by our Soapbox panel have had more time to come to terms with the current situation. With this insight initiative now in its fifth week, this article shares the opinions of our responsive panel and compares them to those shared March 27-30 to understand how Australians are continuing to adapt to the new normal.

This week’s research phase (May 1-3) asked 1000 engaged respondents to share their attitudes, behaviours, and sentiment on topics ranging from media consumption to economic impacts, health, and wellbeing to working remotely.

So, after five weeks, how have we evolved?


Looking ahead, respondents were asked what they expected to do more of in the future post COVID-19. Appreciating the small things (40%) and enjoying life (44%) were the most popular of options. Many young Australians expressed a newfound interest in cooking (43%).

Mostly, Australians feel the government has responded well to the crisis – particularly in relation to other countries. However, the launch of the Covid Safe tracking app has sparked debate, with issues over privacy raised.


49% of working Australians are now working from home.

Initially, 42% of Australians reported either ‘liking’ or ‘loving’ the new arrangement. However, less than half of those currently working from home 5 days a week would want to continue doing so.


Fewer Australians are actively seeking out updates and information about COVID-19, with only 31% reporting this consumption habit compared to more than half the population in previous weeks.


We are torn between restrictions being lifted to kickstart the economy, and the risk of a further outbreak.

13% more Australians are less worried than a few weeks ago about their current financial health, with over 60% reporting that they are now only slightly worried or not worried at all. This may be due to government stimulus packages beginning to kick in.


Initially, 40% of respondents expressed that they were ‘very concerned’ about the health of the community. However, and perhaps as healthcare workers continue to work tirelessly and the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continues to decline, so too does the level of concern in the community – with only 21% remaining ‘very concerned’.

Older Australians nervousness and anxiety are declining very gradually. However, mental health impact is still prominent in those under 30, where 62% of the community under 30 have felt nervous at least some of the time in the last week.


54% of Australians believe that life will (mostly) return to how it was before!

Stay tuned for further insights from our Soapbox as it is expected that certain restrictions will begin to be lifted soon!

Our Soapbox panel of 110,000+ members is nationwide, diverse, engaged, and ready to share their opinions. We are actively engaging our panellists and they have been nothing but extremely responsive to the move to online methodologies, engaging in Remote Focus Groups, Unmoderated UX testing, Community Platforms etc. Host your own research today for more insights like this from them!

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