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Katie Ferro


As COVID-19 has forced changes upon Australians at a rapid rate, CRNRSTONE has been tasked to continually engage its 110,000+ nationwide panel of respondents to measure how attitude, behaviour, and sentiment are adapting over time.

This initiative is now in its eighth wave, with our panel responding rapidly to share how they are managing and adapting to the current crisis. Every week, 1000 respondents have been asked to participate, and as the impact of COVID-19 continues to evolve, so too have our insights.

In Wave 1 of this research, conducted between 27 to 30 March 2020,
Stable Soapbox panel provided an initial glimpse into opinions in the early stages of COVID-19 restrictions, lifestyle and economic changes. These respondents shared insights and opinions on topics ranging from media consumption to economic impacts, health and wellbeing and working remotely.

Below are some of the initial key findings from our Wave 1 respondents:


A strong belief that an opportunity exists to emerge post-crisis with a reinvigorated gratitude and appreciation for people, our community, and the Australian way of life.


The closure of workplaces and the move to remote working for many organisations across Australia presented an opportunity to develop enhanced team collaboration skills.

Many expect elements of the current arrangements to continue.


71% of the population felt ‘well informed’ or ‘very well informed’ about COVID-19, however a quarter of the population stated they had had enough of the constant news and suffered from ‘information overload’ due to the extensive media coverage.


90% of the population are concerned about the economic impact on the community.

75% reported some financial impact on their household already.

21% have already accessed government support.


Most of the population stated that levels of healthy eating, sleeping and exercise patterns were beginning to deteriorate.


78% of people are optimistic that the hardships they are currently facing will pass!

After a month of continued and increased restrictions and limitations to the normal way of life, how have these opinions evolved? This is the first in a series of short articles bringing you the most recent insights shared by the Soapbox panel and examining how these attitudes and beliefs have changed as Australia still adapts to its current crisis – stay tuned!

During these challenging times, effectively managing change is so important.  Now more than ever, it is critical for organisations and Government Departments alike to understand how their brand, product and/or service is perceived. In unprecedented times such as this, Australians’ feelings, needs and behaviours need to be understood, and company/Government decisions need to be based on timely evidence.

Our Stable Soapbox nationwide panel of 110,000+ members is diverse, engaged, and ready to share their opinions. We are actively engaging our panellists and they have been extremely responsive to the move to online methodologies, engaging in Remote Focus Groups, Online Interviews, Virtual UX testing, Community Platforms etc.

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