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Katie Ferro


The Brief

As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to unfold, the need for businesses and government departments to understand the behaviours, feelings and needs of their customers has increased significantly.

Research methodologies have had to adapt, with online research becoming increasingly popular and effective in gathering accurate insights rapidly.

CRNRSTONE was engaged by JWS Research to deliver high quality respondents to participate in a series of online qualitative research discussions. Utilising our nationwide panel of 110,000+ diverse and engaged members, CRNRSTONE was successful in delivering 200+ respondents that met niche profile criteria as required for the research.

The Approach

CRNRSTONE delivered secondary school aged children, vocationally educated small business owners, unemployed respondents seeking further education and business hiring managers at companies offering apprenticeships across regional and metro Australia, as well as other specific target audiences.

Recruitment of suitable participants for this specialised project was achieved through the ability of CRNRSTONE to accurately target it’s panel members based on its many layers of recorded attributes, before obtaining further data from respondents to ensure the client’s selection criteria was met – a process used by Stable Research across qualitative recruitment projects in order to identify the right people needed by their clients to deliver actionable and rapid insights.

The complexity and magnitude of this project, combined with the success with which CRNRSTONE delivered the required quantity and quality of respondents, provides rich insight into the positive acceptance Soapbox Panelists have had to the transition to online research methodologies. Stable Research has experienced a doubling in demand for online respondents, with the availability of their panel members increasing by over 50% as research becomes more accessible.

CRNRSTONE Managing Director, Katie Ferro, said of the positive outcomes of the adapted research methodologies, “Soapbox Panellists are now more available than ever before for market research projects as they are now more easily accessible through the increase in online methodologies. They love to share their opinions and are responding incredibly well to the online shift as if it gives them a greater opportunity to be able to do so.”

CRNRSTONE is a solutions-focused market and social research company that listens, recommends and delivers both the people and the data needed to produce rapid insights and actionable results. We are committed to providing the right people to help deliver enriching client decision-making insights for research projects across multiple methodologies: traditional qual, quant and qual via online communities and everything in between.


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