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Katie Ferro


CRNRSTONE recently reached out to our Soapbox panel, to find out what Australia was getting up to this Father’s Day. We surveyed 210 people from around the country, including Mum’s (50%), Dad’s (43%) with the rest consisting of grandparents and children.

A time to party, but not how we’re used to:

While all respondents said they would be celebrating Father’s Day this year, 52% advised they would be separated from their family due to Covid-19 restrictions with many family members being either interstate, or in some cases in another region of the same city.

Because of this, Australia will celebrate Father’s Day in a number of ways:

80% have said that the difference for Father’s day this year will have an impact on their family. When asked how Father’s Day will be different for them this year, while the lucky 20% (obviously not in lockdown!) advised it will be no different, a variety of reasons were provided by the rest including not being able to visit family (either due to lockdown orders or closed borders), they can’t go out to celebrate and, in some instances, won’t really even to be able to leave the house!

We also asked what was Dad’s favourite thing about Father’s Day, spending time together as a family reigned supreme.

As for Dad’s favourite gifts? Well chocolate and alcohol dominate the presents; however, it also seems Dads will be happy with just about anything as long as they are spending time together with their family.

42% of the kids will be doing something special for Dad this year, mostly making cards, craft or helping make him breakfast in bed. And while we’re on the subject of food, BBQ, roasts, chicken and seafood will be the most common items on our dinner tables!

We will be celebrating the day with many different men in our lives, mostly husband’s, partners, fathers and sons. Unfortunately, Grandfather’s will miss out this year, largely thanks to current restrictions with less than 1% of us planning to celebrate with them in person.

Father’s Day sure will look different this year – but as this research has shown, the little things like spending time with family, sharing a meal, or simply jumping on a call or online will be highly treasured.

Whatever the make-up of your family, and whatever you plan to do this Father’s Day in this peculiar time, stay safe, healthy and take care of each other – and of course, have fun!

And to all the dad’s out there…. Happy Father’s Day!

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